FAQs for Students

Photo ID
Where is the Cal 1 Card Office located?

180 Cesar Chavez Student Center in Lower Sproul Plaza. Our telephone number is 1.866.2UCBCARD. Refer to our Getting a Card page.

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When is the Cal1Card office open?

Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm (excluding Administrative Holidays).

CalNet Support
Can I obtain CalNet Support here?

Yes.  However, before making a trip to our office, please review the information here for a CalNet overview.

If you are a new student and have not yet claimed your CalNet account online, please go here for further instructions on how to proceed.

If you have already successfully claimed your CalNet account and created your CalNet ID but need to reset your passphrase, please go here for further instructions on how to proceed. 

The Cal 1 Card office provides Tier 1 CalNet support services which may be requested as follows:

  • in person at 180 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul Plaza
  • by phone at 510.642.4126
  • by e-mail at calnet@berkeley.edu.
Photo ID
What do I need in order to get my new Cal 1 Card?

You will be required to provide a valid (i.e. original and not expired) government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver license, state ID card, passport,etc.) and your UC Berkeley student identification number.

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How much will my new Cal 1 Card cost?

The first Cal 1 Card is issued free of charge. Students needing to replace a lost card will incur a $25 fee. 

For Undergraduate and Graduate students, the fee will be billed to the student billing account. 

Visiting Summer Sessions students and UC Berkeley Extension Concurrent Enrollment students must pay the fee and obtain a receipt at the Student Affairs Cashiers office -- located at 2610 Channing Way (2nd floor) and is open on Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm.  The receipt must then be presented at the Cal 1 Card office when requesting the replacement card. 

Please remember to report your lost card as soon as possible by logging into your account or calling 1-866-2UCBCARD.

If your card was stolen, the replacement fee will be waived as long as you have the police report number to provide at the time of visiting the Cal 1 Card office to request a replacement card.  

Photo ID
Do I have to pay all of my fees before I get my new ID card?

No, but you may be denied access to several student services on campus until your fees are paid.

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What happens if my Cal 1 Card is lost or stolen?

You are solely responsible for immediately reporting / deactivating a lost or stolen Cal 1 Card.  The most effective way of deactivating the card is to do so online by logging into your account as this option is available to you 24 hours on every day of the week.  If you do not have access to the internet when your card is lost or stolen, reports can be made in person at the Cal 1 Card Office or by calling 1 (866) 2UCBCARD.  Once a card is reported missing, you assume no further liability for unauthorized activity on / use of your card.  If your card is stolen, please make sure to file a police report related to the incident as soon as possible and bring that report when you visit the Cal 1 Card office for the issuance of a replacement Cal 1 Card.

Photo ID
What do I need in order to replace my lost or stolen Cal 1 Card?

You will need to come to the Cal 1 Card office during our normal business hours and fill out a student request form.  Your replacement card will be printed and given to you at that time.  A $25 non-refundable replacement fee will be assessed to your student billing account.  If your card was stolen and you filed a police report for that incident, you must provide the police report at the time of issuance for the replacement fee to be waived.

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What if my Cal 1 Card is broken or damaged?

Broken / damaged Cal 1 Cards must be brought to the Cal 1 Card office for assessment by Cal 1 Card staff. 

If you are not able to present the broken / damaged card when requesting a replacement, it will be processed as a lost card replacement transaction and a $25 non-refundable replacement fee will be assessed to your student billing account.

If Cal 1 Card staff determine that a broken / damaged Cal 1 Card needs to be replaced, a replacement Cal 1 Card will be printed and issued to you in exchange for the damaged card.  The first replacement of a damaged Cal 1 Card will be free of charge.  You will then incur a $25.00 non-refundable replacement fee -- assessed to your student billing account -- for any subsequent replacements of a damaged card. 

Photo ID
If I don't like my picture, can I get a replacement card?

If the picture is taken in the Cal 1 Card office, we will be happy to retake your picture (up to 2 retakes) before we print the card.  However, once you have left the office, a $25 nonrefundable replacement fee will be assessed for replacements performed solely for the purpose of improving the picture's aesthetic appeal to the cardholder.

If the picture is submitted online, it is automatically assumed to be acceptable to the cardholder that made the submission and a $25 nonrefundable replacement fee will be assessed for replacements performed solely for the purpose of improving the picture's aesthetic appeal to the cardholder.

Photo ID
I've legally changed my name. Can I now get a new ID card that has my new name?

You must first file an official "Petition of Name Change" document at Cal Student Central so that your campus records reflect the name change.  Please wait at least 5 work days after the petition has been submitted before coming to the Cal 1 Card Office to request the replacement Cal 1 Card.  Make sure to bring the previously issued Cal 1 Card with the old name for an even exchange free of charge.  If you do not present the old Cal 1 Card when the replacement is issued, it will be processed as a lost card replacement and the $25 non-refundable replacement fee will apply.

Debit Account
Can my parents put money in my Cal 1 Card debit account?


The easiest way to make a deposit is online using a credit card.  Your parents will have to select the "Deposit Money Into Someone Else's Debit Account" option and then enter your name and ID number in the "Cardholder's Name" and "Cardholder's ID" fields before entering their billing address information and amount to deposit.  They will then be taken to a separate page to enter their credit card information.

Parents can also make deposits via check by mail.

AC Transit Class Pass
What is the AC Transit EasyPass?

Prior to Fall 2016, a Class Pass sticker was affixed onto each eligible student's Cal 1 Card for accessing unlimited bus ridership privileges on AC Transit buses. Beginning in Fall 2016, students were instead issued an AC Transit EasyPass Clipper card which was loaded with an electronic Class Pass.  The primary benefit of the transition from the Class Pass sticker to the electronic Class Pass is that continuing students will be able to access their ridership privileges without having to stand in long lines each semester to obtain a new sticker. The EasyPass Clipper card will also allow students to load cash value to pay for BART rides and other transit passes in the Bay Area (e.g. Muni, etc.).

AC Transit Class Pass
Where, when, and how do I get my AC Transit EasyPass Clipper card?

The initial AC Transit EasyPass Clipper card is issued at the Cal 1 Card office (https://cal1card.berkeley.edu/getcard) or at assigned remote locations by authorized staff (e.g. orientation check-ins).  Eligible students will be able to obtain the EasyPass during their initial academic term.  Eligible students will first be required to accept the applicable terms and conditions by logging into their Cal 1 Card account (cal1card.berkeley.edu/login).

Replacements for lost or stolen EasyPass Clipper cards are issued at Parking and Transportation (http://pt.berkeley.edu/contactus). 

For more information, please review the FAQs here (http://pt.berkeley.edu/campus-transportation-options/public-transportation-passes/student-class-pass)

Debit Account
Where do I view balance and transaction history?

Log into your Cal 1 Card account here (cal1card.berkeley.edu/login) and then select “View Current Balance and Transactions".

Debit Account
How do I add money to my Cal 1 Card Debit Account?

The easiest way to purchase stored value credit on your debit account is by doing so online using a credit card.  Log into your Cal 1 Card account here (cal1card.berkeley.edu/login) and then select “Credit Card" as the method of payment under the "Cal 1 Card Debit Account Add Money" header.

You can also pay with cash in person at the Cashier’s Office (2610 Channing Way / 2nd floor) Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm.

Debit Account
Can I transfer money from my Cal 1 debit account to my meal plan?


If a purchase of stored value credit on the Cal 1 Card debit account has been inadvertently made in error and the intended desire was to purchase Meal Plan flex dollars, the funds cannot be transferred.  The meal plan purchase must be made at the Cal Dining website (dining.berkeley.edu). 

If the Cal 1 Card debit purchase occurred within 90 days and you have not used any of the deposited funds, you may request a partial or full refund of the erroneous Cal 1 Card debit purchase by sending an email to cal1card@berkeley.edu.  The Cal 1 Card office will then contact the Student Affairs Cashier's office to authorize the refund.

Debit Account
Can I purchase a meal plan with my Cal 1 Card Debit?

No.  While Cal 1 Card Debit funds can be used to pay for goods and services at all Cal Dining locations, these funds cannot be used to purchase a meal plan or flex dollars. Please refer to the Cal 1 Card debit FAQ website page for further details.


Debit Account
Can I get my debit card money back after graduation?

Yes. Requests for debit account refunds must be submitted by emailing cal1card@berkeley.edu. A $10 processing fee will be assessed on all approved refund requests.

Refunds of a remaining balance will only be processed after the account holder graduates, formally withdraws, or is otherwise no longer officially registered as defined by the Office of the Registrar.

After the refund request is approved and the $10 processing fee has been deducted, the remaining funds will be sent to student billing where they will be first applied to any outstanding charges on the corresponding student billing account. A refund for the remaining balance will be disbursed by student billing and payment services within 45 days. Refund amounts will be disbursed via pre-authorized direct deposit to a bank account or by check as determined by student billing and payment services.    


Photo ID
How can I upload a photo online?

Please make sure to read all of the requirements at the online photo submission page (cal1card.berkeley.edu/c1cphoto) and then select the link to the photo submission portal on that page.