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New Employees

UC Berkeley career employees will be eligible to receive a Cal 1 Card based on their active status in one of the following cohorts via a corresponding UCPath appointment: Faculty, Staff, Postdoc, or Academic.

Note: UC Berkeley students hired into student employee appointments use their UC Berkeley student Cal 1 Cards for job related needs (e.g., door access, time clock, etc.) and are not issued a separate employee Cal 1 Card.

Every UC Berkeley career employee is eligible to receive a Cal 1 Card on or after their official UCPath start date and will be able to obtain one in person at the Cal 1 Card office. The first card issuance is free. 

Note for fully-remote employees: Away from campus, the Cal 1 Card has no authorized purpose. Accordingly, employees that have a fully remote work schedule will not need to obtain a Cal 1 Card. 

  • When to get your card. Issuance of Cal 1 Cards to employees is contingent upon the creation (or updating) of a corresponding record in UCPath. Employee data is imported from UCPath to our card production system on the corresponding appointment start date. Please do not visit the Cal 1 Card office to request card issuance in advance of your start date. 
  • What to bring to get your card. See Get a Card.
  • Your ID photo. You can have your ID photo taken at the Cal 1 Card office or you can upload a compliant photo on or after your official UCPath job appointment start date. 
  • How to pick up your card. You can make an appointment ahead of time to pick up your card at the Cal 1 Card office (212 Sproul Hall) or visit the office for a same-day walk-in request without an appointment and join the virtual line upon arrival. See Get a Card.

When You Can Access Services

Eligibility criteria for access to services and discounts at campus service provider locations is defined solely at the discretion of each individual service provider location, based on your specific appointment type and payment of any applicable fees. Please contact the corresponding campus service provider for further information.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you must apply for a replacement card

Employees should always carry their Cal 1 Card on campus to access eligible services and authorized locations as well as to verify their affiliation and identity when applicable.