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Cal 1 Card Distribution Logistics 

  • Online Photo Upload
    Issuance of the initial Cal 1 Card requires that you upload a compliant photo.  If you have previously been issued a Cal 1 Card, you may either use the previously approved photo or upload a new one for the replacement Cal 1 Card.  To upload a photo, proceed as follows:

    • Log into your Cal 1 Card account and
    • Select the “Upload Photo” link from the menu options on the left
    • Review the compliance requirements
    • Select “Upload Photo” at the bottom of the page
      • If you have a saved photo that is compliant, feel free to upload that file
      • If you do not have such a photo, find a solid white backdrop and take a selfie to upload
  • Government-issued Photo ID For In-person Identity Verification 
    Issuance of the initial Cal 1 Card requires in-person identity verification of the cardholder via a valid (i.e. non-expired) government-issued photo identification card (e.g. driver license, State ID, passport, military ID).
  • Please be sure to bring government issued identification (e.g. Drivers License, Passport, State Identity Card) in compliance with identity verification requirements to receive your Cal 1 Card and/or Clipper Card. If you do not have a government issued identification, please email in advance of visiting our office in person.
  • Card issuance appointments
    Cards will be available for issuance at Sproul Hall by appointment only. To make an appointment, proceed as follows:

      • Visit our online Flex Appointment Page to select from an available appointment time slot
        NOTE: available appointment time slots become visible within 2 weeks of the desired appointment date
      • Please remember to call 510-643-6839 when you have arrived at Sproul Hall for your appointment
      • As a reminder, face coverings are required at all indoor and outdoor campus locations

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