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Affiliates are defined as non-employees (such as volunteers, independent contractors, consultants) with active UC Berkeley appointments in UCPath. 

Affiliates become eligible for Cal 1 Card issuance via an agreement between the Cal 1 Card Office and their sponsoring department.

Once established, the agreement authorizes card issuance eligibility for all affiliates in the designated department and automatically renews on a yearly basis so that this process does not have to be repeated for future Affiliates needing a Cal 1 Card. 

Attention: Cal 1 Card eligibility for Affiliates who have Visiting Scholar or Visiting Student Researcher appointments in UCPath is authorized via a completely separate process.

How to Establish an Affiliate Agreement

First, a departmental representative must download the Non-Employee Affiliate MOU agreement template (Google Doc) and include:

  • Department Name (e.g. Housing & Dining Services)
  • UC Path DeptID(s): (e.g. UKHDS)
  • Departmental chart-string for billing purposes
  • Name and Title of the departmental representative authorizing the agreement

Next, scan the completed document template as a PDF and email it to: 

Finally, allow at least five working days for the affiliate Cal 1 Card agreement to be ratified. Once ratified, Cal 1 Card office staff will provide confirmation that your affiliates can then be prompted to follow the same steps outlined in our new employee process to obtain their Cal 1 Card. 

Uses for an Affiliate Card 

The Affiliate Cal 1 Card is issued primarily for building card-key access purposes and does not guarantee access to any other campus services (e.g., Library, RSF, etc.). For additional details about eligibility, please review the corresponding campus service provider’s pertinent website content and contact them with any questions. 

Some of the limited services that are available include riding the perimeter campus shuttles free of charge and being eligible to purchase daily parking passes as determined by Parking & Transportation.

Affiliates should always carry their Cal 1 Card on campus to access eligible services and authorized locations as well as to verify their affiliation and identity when applicable.