Marketing Support

Outreach at Campus Events

As a Cal 1 Card merchant, you get exposure to the entire University community at major campus events. The list of participating merchants is an integral part of the booth. Cal Day is the campus open house in April and hosts over 10,000 visitors, potential students, and their families. Staff Fest is the annual information fair in June and reaches over 3,000 staff members. Caltopia is held at the Recreational Sports complex before the first week of classes and attracts over 36,000 students, faculty, staff, and community supporters from across the Bay Area. At student outreach events held throughout the month of August, Cal 1 Card promotes all aspects of the debit account program and merchant promotions to new and returning students.

Advertising in Residence Halls

The Cal 1 Card participating merchants are listed on fliers in the residence halls. Posted at 300 locations within UC Berkeley’s residence hall complexes and Academic Service Centers, they serve to remind our population of 6,400 residence hall students where they can use their Cal 1 Card debit account. New merchants and promotions are announced at monthly residence hall meetings and information is distributed to all residents by hall staff and student hall representatives.

Cal 1 Card Website Dedicated Merchant Page

The Cal 1 Card Merchant page is one of the top three visited pages on the site, receiving about 600 hits per day. 

Merchants are listed alphabetically by category, or by location. Those merchants with websites can enjoy a link directly from the Cal 1 Card Merchant page to their sites. This provides our Cal 1 Card community with the most complete and up-to-date information about our merchants.

Merchant Promotions

All Cal 1 Card merchants are welcome to create a discount offering when Cal 1 Card holders pay with their debit account. As a new or continuing merchant, this is a way to increase traffic to their businesses. Merchant promotions will be given featured banner ads on the Cal 1 Card website, more face time at campus events, and an opportunity to purchase ad space on the Cal 1 Card campus map.

Cal 1 Card Office Advertising

Throughout the year, the Cal 1 Card Office serves almost 20,000 students, faculty, and staff as they come to get their Cal 1 Cards and bus passes, making the Cal 1 Card office a highly visible location to advertise your business and promotion. Each new merchant is advertised prominently in the Cal 1 Card Office windows. The posters feature the newest merchants, including their locations, their services, and their logos. The posters face lower Sproul Plaza where they are seen daily by our large campus population. In addition, merchants and their featured promotions are included in a streaming slide show on the television monitors inside the office.


Merchants are provided with free signage indicating their partnership with the Cal 1 Card program. Signage comes in various sizes to be used at the cash registers or in the store windows. It is required that all Cal 1 Card merchants display Cal 1 Card material prominently at their locations.