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FAQs for Merchants

The Cal 1 Card is the official UC Berkeley campus ID, and is carried by all students, faculty, and staff. A key feature of every Cal 1 Card is the debit account, which takes deposits and enables its users to make convenient, cash-free purchases at participating merchants.
By giving you access to the funds in our cardholders' accounts, we can increase your sales, reduce the amount of cash that is being handled at your place of business, and give you a competitive edge over other non-Cal 1 Card merchants. Your business will also benefit from the marketing/promotional opportunities we will provide.

ATTENTION: The Cal 1 Card program has instituted a self-imposed and temporary moratorium on establishing new Off-Campus Merchant partnerships.  The moratorium was instituted while we work to improve various fundamental aspects of the Off-Campus Merchant platform so that expansion is feasible, effective, and sustainable.  If you are interested in establishing a partnership, please send your contact information via email to and we will let you know once the moratorium is lifted and we are able to proceed.

To apply, you need to fill out an application and mail it to the Cal 1 Card Office.

Participating merchants are listed by category and address on our website, and are also displayed on an interactive map. We also feature merchants offering special promotions via campus-wide social media platforms.

For your storefront, we market your participation in the program through a variety of materials, such as register stickers, window signs, and banners.

In addition you will enjoy extensive exposure at several campus events throughout the year. On average our outreach reaches around 30,000 students, staff, and faculty members each year.

Yes, there are three fees:

  • $140 for lifetime lease of the reader/printer.
  • $250 paid once a year for participation/membership with the Cal 1 Card program. This fee covers the extensive marketing opportunities offered to all Cal 1 Card merchants.
  • $25 monthly fee. This fee covers monthly payment processing and other administrative costs associated with the program as well as technical support available to all Cal 1 Card merchants.

All students, faculty, and staff are issued a Cal 1 Card upon affiliation with the University. The debit account was used by 43,263 cardholders last year.

You will be reimbursed on a monthly basis.

Yes. The commission is 3% for campus departments, 4% for campus affiliates (merchants who are leasing from a University department), and 6% for off-campus merchants.

Please call the Cal 1 Card Office at 510.643.6839.