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Partnership Benefits

Merchants enjoy the following advantages as part of the Cal 1 Card Program.


Becoming a Cal 1 Card merchant integrates you into the UC Berkeley community. Students and parents will recognize your business as being associated with the excellence, integrity, and spirit of one of the nation’s most-respected educational institutions.

Competitive edge

Participating merchants gain a competitive edge by accepting the one debit card carried by every member of the Cal community. Many students will carry just their Cal 1 Card when they go to campus, so they like the convenience offered by merchants who take the debit account.

Marketing opportunity

While other companies are paying thousands of dollars to market to college students, joining the Cal 1 Card program provides access to this valuable demographic. We help you out with extensive coverage at campus events, special promotions, and a presence on our website. Freshmen represent the largest demographic of Cal 1 Card users, and each year we market directly to all incoming freshmen and their parents.

Less cash-handling

Cal 1 Card merchants decrease the amount of cash that they handle. With fewer cash transactions, merchants decrease the risk of human error and theft.

Monthly sales report

We provide merchants with a monthly sales report that shows daily transactions and total earnings for the month.