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212 Sproul Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2264
Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
If you need to make an appointment, see:

Phone: 510.643.6839 or 1.866.2UCBCARD

Lost or Stolen Card
Please deactivate your card online or call 1.866.2UCBCARD immediately.

CalNet Support

Before making a trip to the Cal 1 Card office for CalNet support, please review the information here for a CalNet overview. 


Are you a new student that has not yet claimed your CalNet account online?  If yes, please go here for further instructions on how to proceed. 


Are you an eligible CalNet user that has already successfully claimed your CalNet account and created your CalNet ID but need to reset your passphrase?  If yes, please go here for further instructions on how to proceed. 


Are you an alumni needing a CalNet ID reminder or the ability to reset your passphrase, please go here for further instructions on how to proceed.

The Cal 1 Card office provides Tier 1 CalNet support services which may be requested as follows:

  • in person at 212 Sproul Hall -- make sure to first stop by the check-in kiosks on the 1st floor to place yourself in the queue
  • by phone at 510.642.4126
  • by e-mail at

Comments or Suggestions
Please contact Jorge Martinez
Operations Manager, Cal 1 Card Office

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