Meal Swipes and Flex Dollars

Meal plans include meal swipes plus flex dollars to spend like cash, all accessible by using your Cal 1 Card at Cal Dining locations. There are meal plans for: students in the residence halls (Blue or Gold Meal Plans), students living off campus or in University-owned/affiliated apartments (Bear or Cub Meal Plans), and faculty/staff.

A meal swipe is how you pay when you eat at the dining commons. Your meal plan includes a certain number of meal swipes stored on your Cal 1 Card. One meal swipe per meal period will be used each time you enter the dining commons.

Flex dollars are stored on your Cal 1 Card and function like cash dollars, but they hold greater value because you can purchase them at a discount. Flex dollars may be used as payment at campus convenience stores, restaurants, concession stands, and even for guest meals in the dining commons.

Manage your meal plan online. Upgrade your plan, purchase add-on flex dollars, and check meal swipes and flex dollar balances. Take advantage of on-campus dining commons, restaurants, and convenience stores. Meal plans may be purchased anytime throughout the year. When your meal swipes run out, buy another plan, or buy add-on flex dollars to fit your needs.