Where to Use

The Cal 1 Card has many uses.

Cal 1 Card Merchants

These merchants take the Cal 1 Card.

Cal Dining 

The Cal 1 Card gives you access to your Cal Dining Meal Plan. Use your meal swipes in the dining commons and your flex dollars in the campus restaurants, convenience stores, and select concession stands. You can also use your debit account at all the Cal Dining locations!
  • Bear Market, Unit 3, 2400 Durant Avenue
  • Café 3, Unit 3, 2400 Durant Avenue
  • CKCub, Clark Kerr Campus, 2601 Warring Street
  • Clark Kerr Campus, 2601 Warring Street 
  • Common Grounds, Level F, Dwinelle Hall
  • Crossroads, 2415 Bowditch
  • Cub Market, Foothill, 2700 Hearst Avenue
  • The Den - Peet’s Coffee & Tea, 2415 Bowditch Street 
  • Foothill, 2700 Hearst Avenue 
  • Golden Bear Café and Produce Stand
  • César Chávez Center, Upper Sproul Plaza 
  • Browns - A California Cafe, Genetics and Plant Biology Building
  • The Pro Shop, Rec Sports Facility, 2302 Bancroft Way
  • Terrace Café, Bechtel Building Rooftop

For more information, visit Laundry in the Residence Halls

You can now use the Laundry Web Online feature for your laundry room. You can:

  • See available machines.
  • See how soon machines will become available.
  • Get notified by email or text when a machine is available and when your laundry is complete.

Learn more about using your Cal 1 Card for laundry.

University Libraries 

You can use your Cal 1 Card at numerous campus libraries for printing, copying, and other services. You can also get a Cal 1 Card Guest Card at these locations.

Campus Map

All UC Berkeley affiliated merchants, dining, and Bank of the West* locations are displayed on the map marked by different colored pins.

*While Bank of The West is the official Bank of UC Berkeley, the Cal 1 Card can’t be used in the Bank of the West locations.

To display the full list of locations click the icon  located on the upper left side of the map view panel. To display individual information of each location click each pin.