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Cal 1 Card Deposits: Make a deposit when your CalNet Access has expired

Guest Card Balances: Check your Cal 1 Card debit account balance

Guest Card Deposits: Make a deposit to your Cal 1 Card debit account on your Guest Card

Debit Account: Read the Terms and Conditions that governs the use of the card

Guest Cards: Please read the additional Terms and Conditions that govern the use of the Guest Card


Non-Employee Affiliate Eligibility

Non-Employee Affiliates (e.g., volunteers, independent contractors, consultants) become eligible for Cal 1 Card (C1C) ID issuance via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement between the Cal 1 Card Office and a sponsoring department.

NOTE: Visiting Scholars are not eligible for Cal 1 Card issuance via this MOU agreement process. Visiting Scholars and their sponsoring departments must comply with separate requirements (download here) via the Visiting Scholar's and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) office.

This MOU agreement stipulates that Non-Employee Affiliates in the designated HCM Home Department Code(s) will be eligible for Cal 1 Card  ID issuance with a $25 production fee charged to the designated departmental chart string for each Cal 1 Card  ID produced. The MOU is established so that this process does not have to be repeated for future Non-Employee Affiliates in the authorizing department that will also likely need a Cal 1 Card  ID.

To begin the process, a departmental representative must download the Non-Employee Affiliate MOU agreement template (.doc) and customize it with the following information:

Department Name (e.g. Housing & Dining Services)
HCM Home Department Code: (e.g. UKHDS)
Departmental chart-string
Name and Title of the departmental representative that will be providing departmental signatory approval of the MOU agreement

Once the required information has been entered on the template document, a scanned pdf e-copy of the signed MOU agreement should be sent via email to for processing.  The required system modifications to allow for Cal 1 Card issuance may take up to 5 work days to complete.