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Debit Account FAQs

The Cal 1 Card debit account is an added feature of the Cal 1 Card. By purchasing stored value credit on your Cal 1 Card debit account, you are able to pay for laundry in all residence halls as well as for goods and services at these participating merchant locations.

You can also use Cal 1 Card debit funds to purchase meals in the dining hall commons; however, the price per meal will be higher than you would pay under a meal plan.

The Cal 1 Card has several advantages around campus. First, some Cal Dining locations and other merchants don't accept debit or credit cards – but they do take the Cal 1 Card. Second, some merchants charge an extra fee for debit or credit use, but not for the Cal 1 Card. Finally, there are no account fees or minimum balances associated with the Cal 1 Card debit account, making it very flexible for a student's needs.

Anyone who has a Cal 1 Card. This includes all registered students, faculty and staff on active payroll status with the University, and affiliates who have been issued a Cal 1 Card.

All cardholders automatically have a Cal 1 Card debit account. However; before you can use your Cal 1 Card to make purchases, you must review and accept the terms and conditions and deposit funds into your Cal 1 Card debit account.

Deposit funds into your Cal 1 Card debit account by:

  • Mail - Mail your checks to Housing Cashiers Office, 2610 Channing Way #2272, Berkeley, CA 94720-2272. Please provide the name and Cal 1 Card ID for the account you wish to add funds to with your check, and make your check payable to UC Regents. There is a $25 charge for all returned checks.
  • In person - Visit the Housing Cashier's Office, make your deposits with checks, credit cards and/or cash.
  • Online - Students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and their families or sponsors can visit our web site to make secure deposits to the Cal 1 Card debit account using a credit card. There is no transaction fee for the deposit.

Please visit our Where to Use section for a complete list of participating locations.

No. There are no transaction fees charged for usage of your Cal 1 Card debit account.

Yes. You will be required to enter the same passphrase (Calnet) that you use to log into Bearfacts to get grades or financial aid information.

You can check your balance online by logging into your account. You may also call the Cal 1 Card information line at (510) 643-6839 during business hours (9am - 4:30pm, Monday though Friday) to get your account balance.

It's up to you and your personal spending habits. Do you use your debit account to pay for laundry? Eat off campus? Buy books? Consider these expenses when adding money to your debit account. Remember, you can always add more money any time you need to through our website!

Your Cal 1 Card debit account remains open and funds carry over to the next semester. You can only get a refund if you withdraw or terminate your service with the University.

No. Your Cal 1 Card debit account is not your CARS (Campus Accounts Receivables System) account. CARS is the Campus billing system. Your Cal 1 Card debit account is a separate account. Using your Cal 1 Card, deposits made into your Cal 1 Card debit account can be used to purchase goods and pay for services.

No. Withdrawals are not permitted from your Cal 1 Card debit account.

Students may close accounts and obtain refunds upon graduation or withdrawal from the University. Other cardholders may close their accounts when they terminate affiliation with the University. If the refund request is approved, the funds will be credited to CARS within 30 days. The funds will be used to pay any outstanding charges on the CARS account. If a credit balance remains once all charges are paid, CARS will issue a refund. CARS refunds are disbursed via pre-authorized direct deposit to a bank account or by check mailed to the local address. Requests for debit account refunds must be submitted in writing to the Cal 1 Card Office (180 Cesar Chavez Center - Lower Sproul Plaza, Berkeley, CA 94720-2264). A $10 processing fee will be assessed on all approved refund requests.

You are responsible for immediately reporting or deactivating a lost or stolen Cal 1 Card. Reports can be made in person at the Cal 1 Card Office, by calling 1 (866) 2UCBCARD, or by deactivating the card online by logging into your account. Once a card is reported missing, you assume no further liability. All lost card accounts will be reviewed and the account credited for unauthorized activity that occurs after you report the card lost or stolen.