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Cal 1 Card Versions

Cal 1 Card is transitioning to a new look that will ultimately include an opportunity for integrating improved technology for badge access to campus buildings, and more, in the future. 

Right now, we have two functional valid designs for the Cal 1 Card:

  • Any card printed before July 1, 2021, shows the classic design and continues to be a completely functional valid campus photo ID for cardholders. 
  • If your Cal 1 Card was printed on or after July 1, 2021, you will see the new Cal 1 Card design on your valid campus ID card. Please note that the updated cards with the new design need to be held approximately one inch away from card readers for a successful scan.
  • Both of these official Cal 1 Cards feature the University seal and work anywhere on campus that accepts a Cal 1 Card as payment or as a form of photo ID to access campus buildings, services, and resources.