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The latest on Cal 1 Card specific COVID-19 updates.

Laundry in the Residence Halls

No more collecting quarters for laundry day! You can use your Cal 1 Card to pay for laundry in the residence halls. Just add money to your Cal 1 Card debit account and follow these instructions (PDF) for one-swipe access.

Laundry Web Online

You can now use the Laundry Web Online feature for your laundry room. You can:

  • See available machines.
  • See how soon machines will become available.
  • Get notified by email or text when a machine is available and when your laundry is complete.

Login to Laundry Web

You will see a variety of choices:

  • Room Status
  • Find Machines
  • My Waits
  • Notification Preferences

Select Notification Preferences the first time you visit this site.

You can add your email address and your mobile phone number to receive notifications. If you check the box near “Send notification when my laundry completes” each time you use your Cal 1 Card debit account to pay for your laundry, you will get a message telling you your laundry is nearly done, and then when it is finished.

Next, you can select Room Status, pick your Favorite Laundry Rooms, and choose the laundry room you wish to visit. From here, you can see which machines are in use, which are free, and how long until a machine is free.

Selecting “Wait” will allow you to get a message when a machine is free, and selecting “Report a Problem” will automatically let us know that a machine is broken.