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Merchant Testimonials

“The Cal 1 Card debit card program has given the Berkeley Thai House access to a new set of Cal student customers. Cal 1 Card has exclusive connections to an array of off-campus dining choices giving parents confidence that their students are eating healthy when they use their Cal 1 Card. Lastly, the spotlight on the Cal 1 Card homepage and assistance with printed banners increased our visibility, bringing more customers to the restaurant.”

—Jason Sum, Owner, Berkeley Thai House


“Students love how easy the Cal 1 Card is to use all over campus. They are very happy and grateful when they find out that University Health Services accepts the Cal 1 Card.”

—Kim LaPean, Marketing Manager, University Health Services


“We have used Cal 1 Card since we opened our restaurant. The Cal 1 Card program brings in new customers and encourages repeat visits. We have also found the Cal 1 Card team helpful in growing our sales.”

—Clayton, SF Soup Company


“Accepting the Cal 1 Card at my business creates another layer of convenience for the students. In the food service business, students are always looking for convenience, if you don’t have it, they go elsewhere.”

—Isaac Lieber, Manager, Yali’s Cafe