Your Official Campus ID

The Cal 1 Card is the official campus ID for all employees with Faculty, Staff, Postdoc, or Academic appointments.  The Cal 1 Card allows employees access to various standard and optional campus services and benefits. For example, your Cal 1 Card will provide access to sporting events, the Recreational Sports Facility, the campus Libraries, the Campanile, and free admission at the Berkeley Art Museum.  Always carry your Cal 1 Card to enjoy all these benefits and more.

NOTE: eligibility criteria for access to services / discounts at campus service provider locations is defined soley at the discretion of each individual service provider location based on your specific appointment type and payment of any applicable fees.

Building Access

Your Cal 1 Card is also a "key" that can be used to gain access to several locked buildings on campus. Many campus departments allow employees to register for proximity card access. For more details, please see Building Access.

CalNet ID

Please go here for a CalNet overview and make sure to protect your CalNet ID and passphrase as carefully as you would other personal identification information (e.g. Social Security or credit card numbers).

If you are a new employee and have not yet claimed your CalNet account online, please go here for further instructions on how to proceed.

If you have already successfully claimed your CalNet account and created your CalNet ID but need to reset your passphrase, please go here for further instructions on how to proceed. 

The Cal 1 Card office provides Tier 1 CalNet support services which may be requested as follows:

  • in person at 180 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul Plaza
  • by phone at 510.642.4126
  • by e-mail at calnet@berkeley.edu