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Cal 1 Card Office Moving

We're moving - up and forward! Cal 1 Card Office moving to Sproul Hall over spring break

We’re moving — up and forward!

The Cal 1 Card office is moving from the Cesar Chavez Center to the second floor of Sproul Hall over spring break.

We’re moving forward with convenience too:

  • We’re creating more space for student academic advising and support activities at the Cesar Chavez Student Learning Center, while unifying student-business functions at Sproul Hall.
  • We’re adding new systems so that you can conveniently schedule Cal 1 Card appointments.


What you need to know:

  • The Cal 1 Card office will either have limited operations or be completely closed during spring break, March 25–29, 2019, which is normally one of our slowest card-production times.
  • Until March 25, the office will continue to have normal operating hours at 180 Cesar Chavez Center.
  • As is the case every year, the Cal 1 Card office will be closed in observance of the Cesar Chavez administrative holiday (March 29, 2019).
  • Limited support capabilities may be available from the new Sproul 212 location as early as March 27, 2019.  Please submit urgent requests for Cal 1 Card assistance via email to
  • The Cal 1 Card office is scheduled to reopen on April 1, 2019, at 212 Sproul Hall.

You’ll find answers to many questions below and more details will be posted closer to the moving dates, so please check this page again.


If you have a concern that has not been addressed, please email:

Cal 1 Card Move Q & A

When does the move happen?

The physical move takes place during spring break, March 25–29, 2019. During this time, the Cal 1 Card office will have limited capabilities and may be completely closed; contingency plans are being formulated to handle Cal 1 Card requests during this time. Sproul 212 is undergoing renovations between now and March 25 to welcome Cal 1 Card services, with an eye to creating a more efficient space and convenience for students, employees, and affiliates.

When do you expect the Cal 1 Card office to resume normal operations?

We anticipate the office to open in its new Sproul Hall location on April 1, 2019. If there is a change to this schedule, we will post updates here and communicate via multiple channels (including signage, social media, and email) as soon as possible.

Why is the Cal 1 Card office moving?

This move will:

  • create more space for student learning center programming in Cesar Chavez, and
  • unify student-business functions at Sproul Hall since Cal Student Central, the Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships are already located in Sproul Hall.

We will also be adding convenience with a self-service kiosk for student appointments and online-appointment scheduling for staff, faculty and others.

How can I obtain a Cal 1 Card during the spring break closure?

We understand the ongoing needs for Cal 1 Cards, particularly concerning new hires and lost or stolen cards. We are working with campus offices to minimize the impact of the closure. For Cal 1 Card support requests during the closure, send an email to Cal 1 Card staff will be monitoring and responding to these requests throughout the closure period.

How can people with disabilities access the Cal 1 Card office during and after the move?

The new Cal 1 Card office will be located on the second floor of Sproul Hall and will be accessible via elevator. The elevator in Sproul Hall is currently being replaced but is scheduled to be fully operational by April 1, when the Cal 1 Card office is slated to reopen in Sproul Hall.

To address needs of disabled individuals in particular, the Cal 1 Card office and Student Affairs are working closely with Cal Student Central, the Disabled Students’ Program, and the Staff Alliance for Disability Access.

Two key things to keep in mind:

  • Appointment queuing services will ensure you obtain convenient appointment times.
  • The Sproul Hall elevator replacement will lead to reliable, quicker elevator service in the building.

If you have special needs or concerns, please reach out to the Cal 1 Card office at: or the Disabled Students’ Program at

How can I use the new appointment service?

We’re taking advantage of the office move to move forward with convenience! You can look forward to these new services after the office reopens in its new Sproul Hall location.

In person: On the first floor corridor of Sproul Hall (north end), you’ll find two telephone booth-type kiosks. Using either of the kiosks, you will place yourself in a virtual queue instead of having to wait in a physical line. You will then be notified via text when you can return for service. If you’ve visited Cal Student Central and used their kiosk service, you’ll be familiar with how the system works!

Online: An online appointment service has been implemented as a pilot deployment limited for use by employees and non-employee affiliates (e.g. visiting scholars, independent contractors, consultants, and volunteers). This feature is not yet available to students; if / when deemed to be feasible, it will become available to students as well. Please check the Student FAQs and Employee FAQs for further details.