Upload your Cal 1 Card photo

Carefully follow these instructions for uploading a compliant Cal 1 Card photo.  The photo must be submitted well in advance of your on-campus visit to obtain the Cal 1 Card and prior to any deadlines that may apply to your specific cohort.  

Step 1

Carefully review the online submission guidelines shown below.  Once submitted, your photo will be reviewed for adherence to the guidelines. If the photo is not acceptable, it will be rejected and you will have to resubmit.  If you are unable to upload a compliant photo online, you will be required to have your photo taken at the Cal 1 Card office.

Step 2

Go to https://cal1card.berkeley.edu/photologin 

Step 3

In the left pane, click on Submit ID Photo.

Step 4

Upload a photo that adheres to the aforementioned guidelines.

Step 5

Update your notification preferences with a personal email address so that you may receive an update on the approval / rejection status of the uploaded photo.  If you are unable to update your email notification preferences or find that you did not receive an approval / rejection status update, you may periodically check the status of your submitted photo by going back to https://cal1card.berkeley.edu/photologin.