Building Access

Your Cal 1 Card is also a "key" that can be used to gain access to several locked buildings on campus. Many campus departments allow students or employees to register for proximity card access.

For more details, please consult UCPD's Campus Access Control Policy (

How do I get access to a facility with a card access system?

Each campus department with a card access system has a card key administrator who reviews and requests the levels of access for individuals to their buildings. These access requests are submitted electronically to the UC Police Department (UCPD). Limited sites are allowed to input access levels directly into the central access system. Please see your department's card key administrator for access.

Who manages the UC Berkeley's card access program?

Each campus department with a card access system has a card key administrator. The card key administrator submits requests to UC Police Department (UCPD) to grant an individual certain levels of access to their buildings.

How do card key administrators manage access to their facilities?

Most card key administrators submit requested changes via a card key spreadsheet to the UC Police Department (UCPD) Crime Prevention Unit to have access information entered or deleted from the system. These changes may range from granting or deleting access from an individual's Cal 1 Card to extending the open hours of the front doors of a particular building for a special event.

In 2006, UCPD reported that 100% of the requests from card key administrators for card data entry were completed within five working days. There are a very limited number of card key administrators with "remote site users" status that can directly access the system to change access information for individuals. These remote site users can only see and grant/remove users to their own access areas. They do not have the ability to change lock or unlock times of any facility.

If I experience a problem with my building's card access system, what should I do?

The Crime Prevention Unit, under the direction of the Crime Prevention Sergeant, checks the status of the server network panels each morning for any malfunctions, and informs card key administrators via email or by telephone of any situations.

If you are experiencing problems with your card access, please contact your card key administrator. Your administrator will work with the Crime Prevention Unit to determine if the situation is realted to network or hardware issues, or an issue with the Cal 1 Card itself.

What happens if my Cal 1 Card is lost or stolen, and I currently have access to a facility with a card access system?

If you have card access to a facility and your Cal 1 Card is lost or stolen, please report the loss immediately to your card key administrator, and report it to the Cal 1 Card office by either logging in to your account, or by calling 1.866.2UCBCARD. Your card key administrator will work with the Crime Prevention Unit to immediately deactivate the access on the lost/stolen card to prevent unauthorized access to the building.

When you have obtained a replacement Cal 1 Card from the Cal 1 Card Office (180 Cesar Chavez Center, located in Lower Sproul Plaza), please inform your card key administrator. Again, each Cal 1 Card is unique, and once your administrator has the information from your new card, he or she can work with the Crime Prevention Unit to transfer your access privileges to the new card.

Is there a way to integrate the card access system with other databases to automatically grant building access?

At the current time, the card access system is separate from other database systems on campus for security and safety reasons.